Friday, January 4, 2008

Oh my!

I feel like I am breathing for the first time in months. I long for a more meditative lifestyle. When I am busy, I long for solitude. When I have solitude, I long for human interaction. How do I find a balanced medium?
We are half moved to Pennsylvania. I told my boss I need to quit. I don't have a date yet. I have a place for Andy's rehearsal dinner. I haven't sent out invitations yet. I have a place (barring rain) for Betsy's wedding. Of course, we haven't sent out invitations yet.
I found a book on my shelf called Destinae. I think someone gave it to me. It was a good book to find for a time like this. It's easy to read in snippets but it's interesting. It may turn out to be profound, I don't know yet.
I am excited/scared about moving to PA. It's going to be such a huge change for us. I keep waiting for life to get back to normal. I've decided that abnormal is normal.


Katrina365 said...

I'm so happy to know you are alive and well! :) Miss you! I don't think there is any such thing as "normal" either. Life just isn't that simple -- especially when you have kids!

NoVA Dad said...

Just wanted to drop you a quick comment hoping that all is going well. Hope you can post again soon!

Household6 said...

Hope everything is going well at your house! It's been ages since you updated. We won't be making it up to WSS this summer....sad....oh well, hopefully next year.

Heather Spencer