Saturday, October 27, 2007

Calling Heather Spencer

Heather, I can't figure out how to get to your blog to leave you a message. I can get to your profile, but don't see the link to your blog. Help me! I'm sure it's right there, but I guess I'm too distracted or something to find it. Thank you!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

No books here

I don't know when I last read a book just for pleasure. You know, the kind of book that your mind hardly even engages for, about as deep as the kiddy pool at the municipal park. Today would have been a perfect day for it, the temperatures were low and the rain was steady. It would have been delicious to wear my pajamas all day and move from one nest to another with cups of tea and slices of toast and a delightful and 'novel' companion. I guess it just wasn't meant to be.
My life has been so incredibly busy. Honestly. Today I did get to stay home for part of the day and try to get some cleaning done, though I use that word loosely. Mostly it was unpacking from this weekend and grocery shopping and doing laundry. I did have to go into work for a couple of hours. Then tonight we took the dinner I made over to the home of some friends. She had surgery recently and isn't doing too well. She can't really get out so we went to them. And tomorrow other friends are coming. They are actually coming to see their son, a mid, but they need a place to stay and we have extra rooms. But it does mean I'd better get on the stick tomorrow and get things in shape. And figure out what to feed them tomorrow night.
Working takes up an incredible amount of time. I'm not sure I would have taken the job if I'd known how it was going to impact our lives and yet I know I'm supposed to be working with these people at this time. I'm certainly not working for the money, we give far, far more to the church than I earn. It's about the relationships and hoping that I can contribute something worthwhile.
My boss is going through a tough time. First his very good friend's dad was killed in an accident and now his mother-in-law seems to be dying. And in the midst of it all his daughter got engaged. It's an emotional time to say the least.
Well, my Ukraine trip is over, the council meeting is over, maybe things will slow down.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


So much has changed in the month of September...even though it's now October. I don't have lymphoma. What do I have? Who knows! My doc guesses that I picked something up in Africa, I think Sjogren's Syndrome is possible, but it doesn't really matter. Unless I develop symptoms more troubling than those I have now, it's probably not worth it to delve any deeper.
Andy and Betsy both got engaged. It looks like Andy and Megan will be getting married in February. I think Betsy and Eli will be May. But it could be June. Who would have thought a date would be so hard to come by?
Betsy wants to get married, or at least have the reception outside on the land we bought (and are slowly moving to) in Pennsylvania. She would like to have White Sulphur Springs available for use and she wants all immediate family there.
So...May 17th is still baseball (Jeremiah can't come), May 24th Andy is supposed to be underway, May 31, Susannah graduates from high school, June 7 the Lenharts can't come due to a high school graduation. After that, WSS isn't available anymore. Four weekends to choose from, and none of them work. We can't even find a date, how can we decide on reception, and all of those details?